Would you like to scale and grow your business?

The only way for influencer managers and marketing agencies to make money from influencer marketing is by connecting sponsors with influencers.

Even if you have thousands of influencers or promoters on your team, only a small percentage of them get paid for each promotion.
There are so many platforms for influencer marketing but you still have a lot of the same issues, where you have to worry about managing all of the campaigns, tracking each influencer, and making sure they do their job.
What if there was a FREE platform that can help you manage your entire influencer marketing process? What if you could drastically increase your team of influencers? What if you made money when influencers get sponsors without taking any of your time?
Our platform allows you to finalize transactions with influencers within 48 hours, increase your inventory of influencers with our shared database, and make money every time an influencer on your team accepts offers from any sponsors and agencies.
Here's how it works...


1. Publish an Agency Profile

Create a free profile with information about your agency and create detailed campaigns that show promoters exactly what they need to do to promote your clients' brands or products.

Manage and grow your own team of promoters, where they can easily click a button to join your agency from your profile!

2. Search for Promoters

Filter your search within your own team of promoters or other promoters outside of your team in our marketplace, by demographics, # of followers, engagement rate, keywords, location, prices, ratings, and a lot more so you don't waste any time!

Add promoters outside of our platform to join your agency by sending the URL link directly to your profile.

3. Review Promoters

You can review detailed promoter profiles that contain their background information, vanity metrics, links to social media, list of services, and prices for all of their services or deliverables.
You will also be able to see their history of sponsors along with ratings and reviews to make sure you only work with the right promoters.

4. Finalize Transactions

Quickly book multiple promoters on their calendar, where promoters must accept or deny your offer within 48 hours to finalize the transaction so you and your clients don't waste any time!
You will get automatic notifications about all offers received by promoters on your team. To protect you from fraud, we pay promoters after the promotions have been fulfilled, unless there are any disputes where you get a refund.

5. Launch Promotion

You can discuss the details of your promotions and keep track of all your conversations with promoters within our text and phone messaging system without ever getting lost, since they're all linked to each day.

You can manage your entire influencer marketing process, where you can track exactly what each promoter is supposed to do for each client and when they are publishing the content on your calendar.

6. Review Promotions

You will get automatic notifications after promotions have been fulfilled and then you can rate and write a review about your experience in working with promoters.

Unless there are any disputes, the promoters get paid. You also get paid a 10% commission for any promoter on your team who accepts any offers from other agencies or sponsors on our platform!

Why are we helping agencies?

Most influencer marketing platforms are attempting to get rid of marketing agencies.

We've learned that influencer managers and marketing agencies are valuable because you know the problems from the influencer and the sponsor side.

It's more beneficial for the influencer industry if we can help agencies by:

  • Making the influencer marketing process more efficient in connecting your clients with influencers.
  • Increasing your inventory of influencers by accessing our shared database of influencers outside your own team of influencers.
  • Earning more money by getting a commission from your own team of influencers who accept any offers from other sponsors or agencies on our platform.
Instead of giving influencers a sponsor for the day, it's more effective to teach them how to get their own sponsors so that they can be more self-sufficient.

We believe that these benefits will make you more likely to educate influencers to become entrepreneurs since this will allow you to drastically scale your business and make more money.