Do you waste a lot of time dealing with sponsors?

You've worked so hard to get a lot of followers and now you're probably busy creating content and maintaining your engagement. And if you're like most influencers, you're probably frustrated about wasting time finding and negotiating with potential sponsors.
There are so many influencer marketing platforms but they really only benefit sponsors and not influencers. You're just sitting there waiting and hoping that sponsors actually reach out to you.
What if there was a platform that was geared for influencers with tools to help you grow and manage your own business? No, this is not one of those influencer training seminars or another course on how to become the best influencer.
It's a real platform that empowers influencers with tools and everything else you need to get more sponsors and manage your entire business.
Here's how it works...


1. Publish your Profile

Create a free promoter profile with a unique vanity URL link to include your availability, background, keywords, prices, add-on services, analytics, sponsor history, and ratings & reviews so you can build trust and not waste any time negotiating back-and-forth with sponsors.

2. Find Sponsors

Search our marketplace and join the sponsors' team of promoters. You can save a lot of time by simply sharing your vanity URL link with your messages to all potential sponsors to lead them directly to your profile. You can also join one agency that can connect you with more sponsors!

3. Accept Offers

You have 48 hours to accept or decline offers from sponsors after reviewing the offer details that contain a link to their profile, a list of all of the services they purchased from you, and the campaign information so you know everything you need to promote their brand or products.

4. Manage Promotions

Once you accept offers, you will be able to discuss details of the promotion in our text or phone messaging system and organize all of your promotions on your calendar and all of the details for your upcoming promotions are included in the offer details, which are automatically scheduled on your calendar.

5. Launch Promotions

You will get automatic notifications about your upcoming promotions to remind you when to promote the sponsors scheduled on your calendar and after the promotion, you will both provide a rating and review about each other's experience to build trust and increase your chances of getting a future sponsor.

6. Receive Payment

We protect you by accepting payments from sponsors in advance and then you receive payment after you have fulfilled the promotion so you never have to worry about getting paid! You will receive payments on the 15th after each month unless there are any disputes.

Would you like our help to get more sponsors?

Our goal is to help you run your own business as an entrepreneur by giving you all of the tools you need to be successful instead of relying on anyone else.

If you need help getting started, developing more effective profiles, pricing your services, and connecting with sponsors, then you should join our agency's team!

As a team member, you will be on our priority list of promoters who will get access to more personal attention and opportunities for sponsors who hire us for our influencer marketing services.